Dabble in the video dimension underneath our own, where deep palletes and thick lines Jut out from the screen in endless combinations! There are 7 switch controlled and 5 switch+knob controlled glitches added to the original 3 modes and 3 effects on the mysterious ancient tech. The Umbraphazer can tap into wide-ranging visuals that shift and change in each mode. There's a whole universe to explore in here!

Note: all hardware is designed for operation with RCA input/output and is not tested for s-video use.

f you would like an alternate color or add some color splatter to the base you may request colors in the order notes.
The UMBRAPHAZER has been tested with Tachyons+ hardware and works great!
Buyers outside of the USA please contact us at ceo(at) or message us on Twitter / Facebook before ordering!
Our hardware is NTSC!