Chromatic Interplexor


Custom built by the engineers at, the Chromatic Interplexor allows the primary user to harness several unique and colorful glitch effects. The Chromatic Interplexor may also be used to make contact with beings beyond our dimension, although we do not recommend this!

The Chromatic Interplexor contains 9 switches and 3 knobs to control glitching as well as the original knobs on the front panel to control Tint, Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness, and RGB Color. Combining the front panel knobs with the switches can create a multichromatic image adding a unique look to your video art and live visuals.


The Chromatic Interplexor now has a new optional add-on! A dirty mixer! Throw two video signals into the Chromatic Interplexor at the same time! Create a struggle for v-sync with the dirty mixing knob or hit the 50/50 button and watch the chaos.

The Chromatic Interplexor is built to order so please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery!
The base of the Chromatic Interplexor is chrome. If you would like to add some color splatter to the base you may request up to two colors in the order notes. 
The Chromatic Interplexor has been tested with Tachyons+ hardware and works great!
Buyers outside of the USA please contact us at ceo(at) or message us on Twitter / Facebook before ordering!
Our hardware is NTSC!