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Our hardware is NTSC ONLY! Buyers outside of the USA please contact us at hardware(at) or message us on Twitter / Instagram before ordering!

Searing whites break out into dazzling rainbow rays when you send your videos through this custom bent gear! In addition to the unaltered 4 video enhancement sliders this unit has been upgraded with 8 preset glitch switches and 4 glitch sliders for unbelievable control over your images. From dark and brooding to bright and brilliant this box can do it all and in a compact package that will fit into any video setup.

NOTE: All hardware is designed for operation with Composite input/output and is not tested for S-Video use. The LUMASONER is built to order so please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery! Video Synths require a COMPOSITE VIDEO INPUT. This input can come from a DVD Player, VCR, Camcorder, Digital to Analog Converter, Raspberry Pi or Vintage Gaming Consoles that have a COMPOSITE VIDEO OUT.