Say it with glitches! The Rhetorizer is a fully functional color text generator which has been modified with 3 preset and 4 adjustable glitch switches which will stretch your videos to their limit and compress your text into a singularity! Hit the pushbutton when you want to blast your vids into the vaccuum of space or twiddle those knobs until you have just the right rainbow of colors. Each Rhetorizer comes with a dirty mixer module on the right hand side so all you need is 2 inputs and a CRT to create mind blowing glitch visuals which might otherwise take multiple pieces of gear!

Note: all coolpics.biz hardware is designed for operation with RCA input/output and is not tested for s-video use. This particular model does not play well with the Edirol V4 mixer. This is an issue with the base unit and not a result of glitching so you will need to apply external time base correction when using a V4.

The base of the RHETORIZER is chrome. If you would like an alternate color or add some color splatter to the base you may request colors in the order notes.
The RHETORIZER has been tested with Tachyons+ hardware and works great!
Buyers outside of the USA please contact us at ceo(at)coolpics.biz or message us on Twitter / Facebook before ordering!
Our hardware is NTSC!